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Tarraxinha & Kizomba Workshop


September 13, 2015




















You've asked for it and we've answered! 

Join Kimberly Nicole of Kizomba RDU for a fun 2 Hour workshop designed to take your Kizomba to the next level. Learn how to move, lead and follow Tarraxinha like a professional!

Tired of being hurt on the dance floor by forceful leads?
Heard of Tarraxinha but didn't know how to lead/follow movements?
Want to learn body isolations to achieve greater connection with your partner?
Don't know what to do during the slow beats in Kizomba? 

This 2 Hour workshop will cover:

- What Tarraxinha is and where the place for it is in Kizomba
- Common tarraxinha movements that can be used to fill empty 
spaces when the music and steps call for it
- The do's and dont's of dancing Tarraxinha
- Exercises that will help dancers learn how to isolate 
certain muscles needed to dance Tarraxinha
- How you move your body and lead your partner (yes, men, you must move your bodies too!)
- Foundations and vocabulary of basic Tarraxinha movements 
- How to lead and follow Tarraxinha even without hands

Cost: $15 pre-registration | $20 at the door

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